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Actuarial Students' Society of Kenya

The Actuarial Students' Society of Kenya is an umbrella body for student actuaries and BSc Actuarial Science students in Kenya.

Founded in 2013, it has 22 member universities.

The main objectives of the society include:

  • co-ordinating member activities
  • creating awareness of the actuarial profession amongst both students and the public
  • upholding professionalism amongst actuarial students
  • bridging the gap between student and the industry through social and professional events
  • creating a link between industry and student actuaries.

The Society hosts various events which help it to achieve its objectives

These events are both social and professional and include:

  • The Annual Product Design and Modelling Competition, which is usually held in June.  Students develop and model actuarial products with respect to the given theme.  They are then judged by a panel of Fellows and prizes are awarded.
  • The Annual ASSK Cocktail evening, usually held in late October.  This is a social event whereby student actuaries network with Fellows.
  • Professional forums whereby specialists in a given area give a talk on a topic.
  • Leadership trainings for our officials and campus representatives to guide them on how to lead their campus associations.

Forthcoming events

Forthcoming events will be listed here.

Who's who in the Actuarial Students' Society of Kenya

Committee members

Irene Muthoni Wanjira, Chairperson

Irene is a student in the University of Nairobi, serving as the ASSK chairperson .This is her 2nd year to serve in ASSK she was the organizing secretary in the previous executive. She is also a student leader in her campus as the social event coordinator in N'ASA. Coming up with events and organizing them is her favorite part in ASSK, especially since we have to work as a team with the other executive members. The harder you work for something the greater you will feel when you achieve it.

Dennis Kevogo, Vice Chairperson

“Everyone’s purpose and destiny in life is unique and this I keep in mind while serving in this capacity.  I find this task an eye-opener and involving since I am representing many actuarial students across the country and I must meet their expectations.

I am also serving as the Deputy Finance Director of the Kenya Model United Nations National Secretariat.  I am also passionately involved in mentorship under the Equity Group Foundation Wings to Fly Program.  Lastly, I am also the Secretary-General of the Actuarial Students Society of Maseno University.

My plan for ASSK is as follows:

I. Advocate for improved and active membership by the actuarial students.
II. Revive collapsing actuarial student societies across the Universities in Kenya.
III. Champion for adequate support from the cooperate world especially with the funding of our major activities.

It is my prayer and hope that at the end of our term we shall have met our objectives and enable a better working environment for our successors.”

Kevin Lanya, Secretary General

A Fourth Year student at the Multimedia University of Kenya taking a Bachelor's Degree in Actuarial Science.

Currently serving in the ASSK Executive Council as the Secretary General having previously served as the Deputy Organizing Secretary.  An active member of The Actuarial Society of Kenya (TASK). 

Also a member of the Hult Prize Foundation; a global humanitarian relief network in collaboration with the Clinton Global Initiative whose aim is to help nurture young individuals more so the University Students across the world to develop scalable, viable and profitable business enterprises to help alleviate some of the Societal most pressing challenges stemming from Education, Hunger , Food Shortage , Energy  Healthcare e.t.c  through Social bm, Entrepreneurship.  Volunteering in this Capacity as the Campus Director for The Hult Prize Foundation at Multimedia University of Kenya spearheading the process of developing the next wave of Social Entrepreneurs in Kenya and beyond.

Looking forward to another great year in service to the Actuarial Community in nurturing of prospective Actuaries whilst also furthering my professional development within this diverse career path with a long term goal of qualifying as an Actuary in the near future.

Fredrick Oburu, Deputy Secretary General

Fredrick Oburu is a fourth year B.Sc (Actuarial Science) student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). He is a young man passionate about service and leadership.

Out of his love for service to the community, he belongs to the Rotaract Club of JKUAT where he serves as the Vice-President. He previously served as the Professional and Leadership Director to the same club.

In leadership within the Actuarial fraternity, Fredrick served as the Vice-Chairperson of the Jomo Kenyatta University Actuarial Students' Association (JKUASA) for the year 2015-16.
He currently serves as the Chairperson of JKUASA for the year 2016-17.Fredrick is also the current Deputy Secretary General to the Actuarial Students' Society of Kenya (ASSK).

Micah Ondiwa, Finance Secretary

A fourth year Actuarial Science student at JKUAT-Main. Served in ASSK executive as the Deputy Treasurer for the year 2016/2017.  Micah also served Jomo Kenyatta University Actuarial Students Association (JKUASA-Main) in the year 2015/2016.

Micah is a member of TASK and a student member of Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).  He is a volunteer at St. John ambulance and a member of Rotaract club of JKUAT.

Eusebia Dzame Ngowa, Assistant Finance Secretary

The most powerful step in realizing your potential is simply to be present in the world.

Taking the role of the Assistant Finance Secretary, it is a great opportunity to serve and make a difference through teamwork. 

Miss Dzame is a fourth year BSc. Actuarial Science student at Daystar University, and currently the chairperson of Daystar University Actuarial Student Association (DUASA), after previously serving as its vice chairperson. 

Being a servant leader, she volunteers in team building and shares the joy of giving back to the community as a member of Guzo Kenya.  Her main interests are in finance and investments.  She is also very passionate about poetry, enjoys networking, and playing chess.

Calvins Otiens - Organising Secretary

Kiongozi as he is famously known is a BSc. Actuarial Science student of Kisii University currently in his fourth year of study. He has a track record of leadership having served previously as Kisii University campus representative to ASSK and as organizing secretary of The Actuarial Students Society (TASS), Kisii University. Besides ASSK, he currently serves as the communications coordinator of Kisii University Clubs Summit and as chairperson of Migori County Students Association of Kisii University.

He has great skills in event planning and resource mobilization which he plans to use for the benefit of ASSK. He loves data analysis and has interest in data science. He plans a career in politics after he is done with his professional papers.

Abraham Kemei, Deputy Organising Secretary

Desire is the starting point of all the achievements, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.

 A third year actuarial student at Karatina University currently serving as the Chairperson of Karatina University Actuarial Students Association (KARUASA) and previously served as the vice chairperson in the same.

In enhancing professionalism, he oversees the running of the association by inspiring and motivating students to achieve their dreams.  He was part of the team who won the most coveted title in the Annual Actuarial Product Designing Competition.  He is a young professional who does everything with diligence, hard work, passion and great dedication.  “I stand to offer financial, social and leadership solutions through creativity, Innovation and use of technology, to find solutions to the challenges faced by the dynamic world.”

Joyline Chepngeno, Corporate Affairs Secretary

A third year actuarial science student at Kabarak University. She is currently the corporate affairs secretary of ASSK and was the founding chairperson of Kabarak University association of Actuarial Science students(KUAASS).

Besides ASSK, she is a student leader at Kabarak University Students Organization (KUSO) and has served in various leadership capacities such as president awards and peace ambassadors kenya (both Kabarak chapters).

She is a member of The Actuarial Society of Kenya (TASK)

Joyline has special interest in corporate finance and investments.

Anastacia Lwoba, Students’ Liaison Officer

Anastacia is a fourth year taking Bsc. Actuarial Science in Maseno University.  A member of The Actuarial Society of Kenya (TASK) and has served in several leadership positions since her younger years.  Such as:

• Being the head student in both her primary and secondary schools.
• Served at her home church as the Vice-Chairperson of the youth group.
• One of the youth leaders in the Center of Rights, Education and Governance and Development (GREGD)

A mentor with the Wings to Fly Program.  A lead researcher with iDEA Kenya in evaluating government projects started in the suburbs.  She was the organizing secretary for The Actuarial Students' Society of Maseno University(TASSMU) and currently the Chairperson of TASSMU.  She also served as the campus Representative for Maseno University to the Actuarial Students' Society of Kenya(ASSK) and currently  serving ASSK as the Students' Liaison Officer.

She enjoys socializing, meeting and interacting with people, it being perfectly in sync with being nominated the ASSK Students' Liaison  Officer.  As a leader challenges are inevitable but the key to counter it is and will always be TEAMWORK.  Alone we walk fast but together we go far.

Kevin Gatuku, Editor-in-Chief

He is a fourth year BSc Actuarial Science student at Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) and a student member of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFOA) with one professional paper completed.

Active member of The Actuarial Society of Kenya (TASK).  Currently serving as the ASSK editor general and the chairperson of the Movement of Actuarial Students at Meru University (MASMU). Previously served as the Secretary of MASMU.

Loves teaching club members data analysis using Ms Excel during weekly MASMU meetings and also teaching personal finance in MASMUs’ mentorship program.  Has interest in investments especially stock trading and hopes to start his own investment firm in future.

Looking forward for the experience as the editor

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